For Cyclone Realoded & Classic credits are needed for threshold - 60 credits to use Lumia No TP service for free. You can buy credits via form.

Cyclone Key

What's new? Incredible small with RJ45 socket, Key doesn't have any credits, Forget about USB cable!! Full of Features for only 59 USD


Download latest installer, with NEW HOT UPDATE-
Lumia 800 No more Testpoints
! Cyclone Key - service for free!!

Blackberry App for Resellers & Distributors

NEW Cyclone Tool for Blackberry. Using this tool you can manage Cyclone Reseller and Distributors accounts. You can charge box with credits, create new reseller accounts, etc. Tested with BB OS7, OS6, OS5 and compatible backwards. Works via any kind of connection (BIS, BES, WiFi, normal sockets, etc).

Download Installer

Download latest installer with drivers,use Box Wizard and enjoy Our tool!

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